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Verifying TIN made easier, BIR launches its official mobile app

The Bureau of Internal Revenue has launched its own official mobile application. It is available for download in Google Play Store and Apple App Store (coming soon).
Verifying TIN made easier, BIR launches its official mobile app
TIN Verifier Mobile Application

Verifying your Tax Identification number made easier

Basically, this app serves as a channel made for taxpayers to send TIN validation online and do this by using only your mobile device with a real-time response from the concerned BIR office.

BIR made an effort in developing this mobile application by giving the taxpayers a convenient method in availing their validation service instead of going physically and fall in line in the BIR district office.

This is a significant move since we're still in the middle of a pandemic and that going outside is limited to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

According to its app, initially, the system is available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM  to 5 PM. 

For weekends and holidays, all queries sent will be accommodated on the next working day.

For your reference, you may check the Revenue Memorandum Circular NO. 13-2021 in the link provided below.

Source: BIR

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