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Converge launches FlexiBIZ value plans for SMEs

A lot of businesses have been hit hard since the start of the pandemic especially SMEs. Converge ICT aims to help with its affordable FlexiBIZ plans.
Converge launch FlexiBIZ value plans for SMEs
Converge FlexiBIZ aims to boost SMEs

Converge ICT FlexiBIZ affordable, flexible connection for SMEs

Converge FlexiBIZ are flexible, cost-efficient connectivity solutions designed to support and boost small-and-medium enterprises. These are designed to boost productivity and provide reliable connectivity to meet the business's internet requirements.

With Converge FlexiBIZ, SMEs can take advantage of fiber connection that is both flexible and has value-for-money. There are two options available namely the FlexiBIZ Daytime and FlexiBIZ Peak.

Converge FlexiBIZ Daytime allows SMEs to experience double the bandwidth from 7 AM to 6:59 PM. It is highly recommended by Converge ICT for offices that mainly operate in the daytime.

Converge FlexiBIZ Peak is designed for SMEs that require a speed of up to 300 Mbps around the clock. This is perfect for businesses that work around the clock.

Pricing and more details are available when you inquire at Converge ICT's flexiBIZ website.

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