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Google plans to end third-party cookies in Chrome!

Google recently announced that it would stop tracking users as they search and browse the web.
Google plans to end third-party cookies in Chrome!
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Phasing out support for third-party cookies by next year?

According to the search giant, they will remove third-party cookies that track the movement of users. Aside from that, they guaranteed that they won't create or use alternatives to cookies upon removal. A Google executive David Temkin explained, 

People shouldn’t have to accept being tracked across the web to get the benefits of relevant advertising. Google announced it would find alternatives to digital ankle bracelets, and advertisers don’t need to track individual consumers across the web to get the performance benefits of digital advertising.

The Cookies were invented in 1994 and the name came from "magic cookies", which is a term related to routine computer operations. Without these cookies, each time a user clicked to move to a different page, they would become just another random user. Cookies made it possible for the internet to associate the user with the previous actions or in short, web-tracking.

In terms of privacy, the removal of cookies can be a piece of good news but this does not mean that Google will stop using the user data collected. They still got control over the information when users visit sites and use their services. In addition to that, Google will still identify users for the purpose of ad placements. 

Moreover, the company had already developed alternative ways to track people surfing the web. Furthermore, they designed digital tools as part of the "privacy sandbox" that caters to ads targeting like-minded groups of individuals.

Google Chrome’s support of third-party cookies is reportedly going to end by 2022 as part of their larger Privacy Sandbox strategy. Apple’s Safari Browser has blocked cookies a little bit earlier.

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