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Meizu is allegedly the first non-Huawei brand to use HMS Core

A Huawei staff member recently revealed that Meizu is going to use HMS Core in its devices and label them under the Huawei Mobile Services.
Meizu is allegedly the first non-Huawei brand to use HMS Core
File photo: Huawei Mobile Services

The start of HMS expansion?

After the United States sanctioned Huawei from using Google Mobile Services, the tech giant developed its own system called the Harmony OS. Along with this OS, it launched Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). After that, it officially released HMS Core 5.0 for global developers

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) is a large compilation of developer and user services that comes in one package and under this, comes the HMS Core. HMS Core features a diverse set of device and cloud capabilities that enables high and fast development for app developers.

Since Huawei came up with its own system, there's a chance that it will compete with Google in the future. According to a staff member of Huawei named Akiba Ziluo, Meizu will access Huawei's HMS Core service capabilities. Basically, Meizu devices will provide support for users who integrate HMS Core through Huawei Mobile Service.

The HMS Core offers basic services such as Huawei ID and payment for Huawei device users. After the integration of Huawei ID, the developer then can provide various services such as AppGallery, Cloud, and Health.

As of writing, Meizu phones use Android services but using the HMS will allow it to serve China-exclusive services that are available on Huawei Video, music, and AppGallery.

There's no official announcement yet from Meizu regarding this move. Please stay tuned for updates.

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