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Apple falls victim to USD 50 million Ransomware hack of Quanta

Quanta, one of Apple's primary suppliers, fell victim to a ransomware attack. In turn, Apple's sensitive data was compromised and held for USD 50M.
Apple, Quanta attacked by ransomware hackers
Apple, Quanta attacked by ransomware hackers

Apple, Quanta data compromised by Russian hacker

The hacker is a Russian operator claiming to have stolen blueprints of Apple's latest products. The name of the ransomware group REvil, also known as Sodinokibi, published a blog post on its dark web page last Tuesday claiming to have infiltrated the local network of Quanta Computer Inc.

Quanta manufactures Apple's products especially Macbooks. It also works with other big-name companies such as HP, Facebook, and Google. April 20th was the date that REvil announced Quanta as its latest victim. The hackers stated that they intentionally waited for Apple's latest keynote to announce their attack. REvil also stated that Quanta did not appear to have expressed an interest in paying to recover the stolen data.

Quanta released a statement about the attack but offered no information on what and how much data was stolen. REvil released schematics of a new Apple laptop with 15 images showing it disassembled. The design appears to have as recent as March 2021.

REvil is now asking Quanta and Apple for USD 50 million ransom for the stolen data and the former's access to its encrypted files in its local network. Negotiations seem to have been opened via a darkweb chatroom but fell through. REvil then published the said schematics along with specific component serial numbers, sizes, and capacities. One of the images was even signed by Apple designer Jogn Andreadis.

What was leaked?

Leaked schematics of a unreleased Macbook
Leaked schematics of a unreleased Macbook

REvil revealed images of schematics for devices codenamed "J314" and "J316". Both were dated March 2021 and are meant for the Engineering Validation Test prototype stage. Speculations point to these being 14-inch and 16-inch variants of the MacBook Pro. Based on the main logic board schematics for the "J316", the device is expected to have an HDMI port, SD card, and MagSafe.

There are also two other devices codenamed "J374" and "J375". These are believed to be Mac minis powered by the next-gen Apple Silicon M1X chip

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Sources: Bloomberg, 9to5Mac

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