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Converge ICT awarded as "Fastest Growing Fibre Internet Service Provider" in 2020 International Finance Awards

Converge ICT has been awarded again as the "Fastest Growing Fibre Internet Service Provider" in the 2020 International Finance Awards.
Converge ICT Co-Founder and CEO Dennis Anthony H. Uy and Converge ICT Co-Founder and President Grace Uy with the International Finance Awards 2020 trophy


The title has been held by Converge ICT for the second year in a row. 

As the award-giving body of UK-based financial and business publication, International Finance,  seeks to recognize the exemplary accomplishments of corporations throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, those whose talent and leadership skills hold up to international standards.

Without a doubt, our goal is to continue innovating and providing a quality internet connection that will not only support but also enrich the lives of the Filipino people, Converge Co-Founder and CEO, Dennis Anthony H. Uy.

Under their 2020 Technology Awards category, the IFA once again acknowledged Converge's tireless efforts in delivering seamless service and its contributions to developments in the field of technology.

Congratulations, Converge ICT! Visit convergeict.com for more details.

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