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DOH announced #ChecktheFAQS campaign to combat vaccine misinformation

The Department of Health just released the #ChecktheFAQs campaign that is supported by online platforms like Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Twitter.
DOH announced #ChecktheFAQS campaign to combat vaccine misinformation
Trustworthy source of information regarding COVID-19 and vaccines

The importance of having access to factual information about vaccines

As the government has started distributing vaccines for COVID-19, false information regarding it also started to spread. With that in mind, DOH initiated the #ChecktheFAQs campaign as it aims to inform citizens of the importance of accurate information to fight this pandemic. They are also motivating the Filipinos to know and validate the facts first so they can make an informed decision.

Several tech companies such as Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Twitter have joined this purpose by expressing their support for this campaign. These platforms have committed to support in building awareness about accurate vaccine information. 

With their strength in media literacy, they will promote the "Check the FAQs" page on the DOH website. In doing this, the public can have a source of reliable information about COVID-19 and its vaccines. DOH Director of the Disease Prevention and Control Bureau and the Health Promotion Bureau Beverly Ho said, 

As COVID-19 vaccination becomes a top priority across the globe, we must also race to fight disinformation and misinformation surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and the pandemic. Spreading the right information can save lives. We, at the Department of Health, thank Facebook, Google, TikTok and Twitter for rallying together in our endeavour to spread the right information. Whenever you see or hear new information, we encourage everyone to  #ChecktheFAQs.

To learn more about this initiative and facts about vaccines, you can visit DOH's official website.

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