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Analyst predicts that iPhone 14 models will sport a 48MP camera with 8K video recording

Known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a few new predictions concerning iPhone development over the next few years.
Analyst Kuo predicted that iPhone 14 models will sport 48MP camera with 8K video recording
File photo: iPhone 12 Pro Max

48MP camera with 8K support coming to iPhone in 2022

According to Kuo, the iPhone line for 2022 will be equipped with massive 48-megapixel sensors and will be able to record 8K video. He also claims that Apple will kill off the Mini model due to its low performance in sales.

Aside from those mentioned above, Kuo said that premium iPhone 14 devices will adopt a 1/1.3" 48MP CMOS image sensor for the wide-angle camera lens. He added in the note for the investors, 

We believe that the new 2H22 iPhone may support direct 48MP output and 12MP (four cells merge output mode) output simultaneously. With 12MP output, the CIS pixel size of the new 2H22 iPhone increases to about 2.5um, which is significantly larger than the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, and larger than existing Android phones, and close to the DSC level.

Moreover, Kuo explains that Apple usually focuses on wide-angle camera technology first.  After that, the company works on improving telephoto and ultra-wide angle systems later on.

With a 48-megapixel camera, the source reported that the iPhone 14 could easily record 8K video. Kuo also believes the 2022 iPhones will be able to "enhance the AR/MR user experience", describing Apple's effort in terms of augmented and mixed reality features. 

Lastly, Kuo anticipated the discontinuation of the iPhone Mini series in 2022, so the Cupertino giant will just offer 6.inch and 6.7-inch smartphones.

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