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NVIDIA and MediaTek unveiled reference model that may include RTX graphics for Chromebooks

NVIDIA has partnered with MediaTek hinting to bring RTX graphics on Chromebooks in an announcement made at GTC 2021 event.
NVIDIA and MediaTek unveiled reference model that may include RTX graphics for Chromebooks
File photo: MediaTek booth at MWC 2019

RTX integrated for Chromebooks?

According to reports, the collaboration between the two companies has resulted in the development of a reference laptop platform that will be used for Chromium, Linux, and NVIDIA SDKs. While it is subjected for confirmation, it does give the probability that the next-gen of Chromebooks will be running by MediaTek and Ray tracing graphics.

Chromebooks have always been known as lightweight devices with low-powered processors. While there may be few mid-range Chromebooks that can be compared to some Windows laptops, but the majority of those are running with Intel chips, leaving ARM-based versions in the dark.

The CEO of MediaTek Rick Tsai said in a statement that being the worlds largest supplier of ARM chips, used ranging from a smartphone to Chromebooks and smart TV's they look forward to using their technology and collaborate with NVIDIA to bring the power of discrete graphics card to the ARM PC platform. This is either for gaming, content creation, and much more. The improvement on GPU will be a huge upgrade for the entire ARM ecosystem.

Even the Cupertino-based company Apple has made their very own ARM-based chipset last year in the form of an M1 chipset which proved to be a success on their Mac lineup. NVIDIA could have the similar aim of making incredible chipsets that may revive the Chromebooks glory and make competition against Windows laptops running ARM.

There also an announcement in the event for a new processor dubbed as "Grace" which will have a feature of handling large workloads such as AI supercomputing and natural language processing.

The said new chipset is also powered by ARM Neoverse cores and is tightly integrated with the company's modern GPU technology. There are rumors as well that AMD is also working on launching its own version too with integrated Radeon graphics.

This means more competition between the rivals.

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