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You can now access Smart's 5G network in 2,340 sites nationwide

Local telco giant Smart shared that its 5G network is now accessible at 2,340 sites nationwide.
You can now access Smart's 5G network in 2,340 sites nationwide
Smart 5G rollout update

Smart's 5G network is now available on 2,340 sites nationwide

This is up by around 640 sites versus the estimate of 1,700 locations in March 2021. If these numbers are accurate, Smart has the largest 5G network coverage in the Philippines.

Rival Globe's 5G network sites are at 1,200 last month. Newcomer DITO's network 5G-ready which can be accessed in Cebu and Davao.

These numbers suggest that Smart's 5G network rollout is faster than expected.

This year, PLDT and Smart earlier said that they are committed to investing between PHP 88 billion to PHP 92 billion to improve their network. Smart is aiming to deliver at least 30 Mbps of broadband speed to its customers in Metro Manila and key cities this year.

With the help of 5G, users with 5G-ready devices and SIM will be able to enjoy the benefits of this 5th generation wireless cellular technology like ultra-fast download speeds, lag-free gaming, cloud gaming, 8K video streaming, and more.

Basically, 5G offers faster speeds and more reliable internet connections than previous generation tech like 4G and 3G.

To check if there's Smart 5G in your area, click this link and scroll down until you see the "What areas are Smart 5G covered right now" text.

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