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Printing for a Sustainable Future–Epson Inkjet PrecisionCore Printhead with Micro Piezo technology

Epson inkjet printheads are touted to enable fast, high image quality printing. This is attributed to superb ink-ejection performance.
Printing for a Sustainable Future–Epson Inkjet PrecisionCore Printhead with Micro Piezo technology
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What makes Epson's PrecisionCore Printhead effective and sustainable?

Epson PrecisionCore Printheads
Epson PrecisionCore Printheads

The Epson inkjet printheads use the company's proprietary Micro Piezo technology to achieve superb ink ejection performance, compatibility, and durability. With piezoelectric printing, you can eject the ink quickly and accurately. The voltage applied changes the piezoelectric elements which can generate mechanical pressure and squeeze the tiny droplets from nozzles. The piezoelectric elements must produce a high level of displacement to eject the necessary amount of ink.


The PrecisionCore printheads use Epson's Thin-Film Piezo technology which is able to produce ultra-thin, high-displacement, highly reliable piezoelectric elements at high volume.

In terms of advantages, the PrecisionCore printheads are small but have more nozzles compared to conventional printheads. This allows for faster, higher-quality image printing. The PrecisionCore print chips are also modular that translates to easy reconfigurations to suit different kinds of printheads.

It also has Epson's proprietary microelectro-mechanical systems or MEMS. The MEMS has enabled us to process the printhead's nozzles uniformly, minimizing variations in size and alignment. With uniform nozzles, the printheads eject ink accurately, resulting in photorealistic prints.

The reason and inspiration behind PrecisionCore printheads is Epson's vision to expand into a range of business markets from offices to industrial applications. Epson's leaders issued a major directive to develop printheads with all printing markets. Now, the PrecisionCore printheads cover broader business segments.

With innovations come challenges. Epson faced the challenge of reducing the size of the PrecisionCore printheads. This process included stripping redundant and unnecessary elements in the nozzles, ink channels, actuators, electronics, and others. Another challenge is to finish the project under time constraints.

Epson is still looking forward to improving the printer technologies and creating new ones. PrecisionCore printheads, for them, are just the tip of the innovation iceberg.

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