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Huawei will launch its very first Smart TV in the Philippines on May 7, 2021!

Huawei today shared that the company will soon launch its very first Smart TV in the country on May 7, 2021.
Huawei will launch its very first Smart TV in the Philippines on May 7, 2021!
The Vision S?

With HarmonyOS inside?

The company teased that the device will bring features and technologies that go beyond TV calling it the first "Future TV" in the country.
The teaser
The teaser

The Chinese tech giant teased that it'll bring a stunning picture display with high-refresh-rate, Huawei Sound technology, next-level interconnectivity/cross-device collaboration, and smartphone-level functionality.

Huawei also shared that the TV is a key component in Huawei’s 1+8+N product and software ecosystem and it is designed to allow Filipinos to reimagine their smart home—with interconnectivity, digital lifestyle optimization, and immersive perception at the core.

Note: Huawei's "1+8+N" strategy: "1" refers to smartphones, while "8" includes PC, tablet, TV, audio, glasses, watches, locomotives, and headphones. On the other hand, "N" refers to mobile offices, smart homes, sports and health, audio-visual entertainment, and smart travel products.

Huawei hasn't shared what unit is this. Our guess? It could be the Huawei Vision S recently launched in Malaysia featuring a 120Hz 4K display in 55 or 65-inch size, 4 Speakers Huawei Sound, and 1080p MeeTime Video Call through its detachable magnetic 13MP camera. This TV also has Huawei Share and runs with HarmonyOS.

Stay tuned here at GIZGUIDE for the official details, pricing, and availability.

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