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Sharp intros new line of J-Tech Inverter Refrigerators and Air Conditioners in the Philippines

Aiming to help Filipinos beat the heat this quarantine summer, the Japanese tech firm introduced its newest line of J-Tech Inverter Refrigerators and Air Conditioners in the Philippines.
J-Tech Inverter Refrigerators and Air Conditioners

If you are looking for Sharp inverter refrigerators to maintain the freshness and quality of your meat, veggies, and snacks:

The refrigerator line

1. Sharp 5D French door Inverter Refrigerators 
 - This is a 26.8 cubic to 27.1 cubic feet big french fridge featuring a special compartment called FREX room. Meanwhile, the 26.8 cubic feet variant (SJ-FTW27CVP-BK) has a hidden water dispenser for easy drinking water access.

2. Sharp 4D Glass French door Inverter Refrigerator (SJ-FLG16AVP-BK) - This french fridge also boasts spacious storage and shelves like its 5D counterparts. It also has the Plasmacluster Ion Technology to eliminate mold and bacteria and keep the food fresher for a longer time.

3. Sharp Side-by-side Inverter Refrigerator (SJ-BLS20AVP-SL) - Side-by-side refrigerators are great for kitchens that are narrow since they take advantage of the vertical space. This fridge also highlights an LED touch screen panel to adjust the settings without opening it and a handy ice maker to let users make ice cubes from the tray in just a quick twist.

4. Sharp 2 door No Frost Inverter Refrigerators (SJ-FTG21CVP-BK/SL, SJ-FTG18CVP -BK/SL)  - These are fridge sporting a freezer organizer case so you can store meats properly and also a moisture vegetable case to prevent them from rotting early. Dubbed as the "Mega Freezer", it delivers bigger storage capacity to store more food.

It comes in a 20.1 cubic feet variant in Black and Silver. There's a 23.2 cubic feet model as well.

SJ-FTG18CVP-BK/S version is the latest 2021 model.

For a wide range of inverter air conditions for long hours of use:

Sharp J-Tech Inverter Standard Split Type Air conditioners

1. Sharp J-Tech Inverter Standard Split Type Air conditioners - These machines are available in 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5 hp. Apart from the J-Tech inverter technology, the aircon is loaded with useful functionalities like Baby Sleep Mode to avoid disturbing toddlers or infants while sleeping and strong jet mode to bring a strong blast of chilled air to make the temperature in your room cool in just 5 minutes.

2. Sharp J-Tech Inverter Premium Split Type Air conditioner - These are designed for more luxurious smart homes are 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5 hp. The aircon comes with a motion sensor that adjusts the temperature and airflow settings depending on the number of people it detected. It is also an AIoT device that makes suggestions on how this appliance should operate, based on its users' day-to-day activities.

To recap, the J-Tech inverter technology is the company's proprietary inverter technology that claims to reduce power consumption by as much as 65 percent. Sharp's air conditioners are also equipped with PCI technology to effectively clean the indoor air from microbes and viruses.

Sharp is also highlighting that they are packed with self-cleaning function and copper tubes covered in anti-corrosion resin coating to ensure that the machines are built to last.

The company noted that before purchase, the user should consider the size of the area or room first. This is to make sure the horsepower of the Sharp air conditioner you are buying is enough.

All air conditioners are 2021 models.

Price and availability

Sharp inverter refrigerators

Four Door Glass SJ-FLG16AVP-BK - PHP 59,998
Side by Side SJ-BLS20AVP-SL - PHP 49,998
2-Door No Frost SJ-FTG21CVP-BK/SL- PHP 53,998
2-Door No Frost SJ-FTG18CVP-BK/SL - PHP 43,998
5-Door SJ-FTF27CVP-BK - PHP 139,998
5-Door with Water Dispenser SJ-FTW27CVP-BK - PHP 144,998


AH-XP10YMF (1.0HP) - PHP 36,748
AH-XP15YMF (1.5HP) - PHP 39,898
AH-XP20YMF (2.0 HP) - PHP 52,498
AH-XP25YMF (2.5HP) - PHP 59,848


AH-XP10YHF (1.0HP) - PHP 38,848
AH-XP15YHF (1.5HP) - PHP 41,748
AH-XP20YHF (2.0 HP) - PHP 54,598
AH-XP25YHF (2.5HP) - PHP 61,428

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