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Alleged specs of SD888 successor, Qualcomm SM8450 leaks online!

Prolific leaker Evan Blass shares information of the alleged Qualcomm SM8450 or the successor to the Snapdragon 888 on Twitter!
Alleged specs of SD888 successor, Qualcomm SM8450 leaks online!
Qualcomm Snapdragon

The next flagship SoC from Qualcomm?

Last year, Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 888 that was made with the 5nm process. It has since arrived in several flagship smartphones from several manufacturers including Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi and more.

On June 4, prolific leaker Evan Blass tweeted a quote and an image that detail what could be the next flagship System-on-Chip from Qualcomm.

The Tweet's caption claims that the SoC with model number SM8450 is Qualcomm's next-generation premium system-on-chip that is fabricated on the 4nm process and will come with an integrated Snapdragon X65 5G modem. 

Launched in February 2021, Qualcomm claimed that the new 5G modem will deliver superior speed and will support up to 10Gbps speeds on both standalone and non-standalone 5G networks.

The attached image details the key components which include the following:

Kryo 760 CPU built on Arm Cortex V9 technology
Adreno 730 GPU
Spectra 680 ISP
Qualcomm Secure Processing Unit (SPU260)
Adreno 665 Video Processing Unit (VPU)
Adreno 1195 Display Processing Unit (DPU)

According to the Tweet, the new SoC will support Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 subsystem, quad-channel package-on-package LPDDR5 RAM, and Qualcomm Aqstic WCD9380/WCD9385 audio codecs.

If true, the upcoming SoC is looking to offer noticeable improvements. But until Qualcomm makes an official announcement, take this information with a grain of salt.

What do you guys think?

Source: Evan Blass, Via: GizmoChina

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