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Breaking: DITO hits 1 million subscribers, to give away 1M gigabytes of data!

DITO Telecommunity today confirmed that the company now has 1 million subscribers nationwide.
Breaking: DITO hits 1 million subscribers, to give away 1M gigabytes of data!
File photo: DITO SIM card

1 million subscribers in just 3 months!

The Philippines' official third major telco player achieved this milestone just 3 months following its March commercial launch.

In a Facebook message, DITO chief administrative officer Adel Tamano shared that they are excited and thankful about this milestone. He added that this is for all of us and all of its subscribers.

DITO is giving away 1 million gigabytes of data for its 1 million subscribers. This means that its 1 million subscribers will enjoy an additional 1GB of open data. The new telco player noted that they will share more details on how their subscribers can claim the reward in the next few days.

To recap, DITO is the country's new and official third telco player challenging the duopoly of rivals Globe and PLDT to provide Filipinos with more telco options.

DITO promised to provide 27 megabits per second of speed, covering 37 percent of the Philippine population in its first year. Currently, they have 3,000 towers across the country.

According to the company, the telco will be more aggressive later this year and they are trying their best to provide better services than their competitors.

DITO also has attractive "Independence day promos" valid until June 18 where you can register for DITO UNLI 499 or DITO 99.

Congratulations, DITO!

Source: DITO

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