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Complete UNLI 5G promos for Globe and TM revealed, adds new 5G devices for Postpaid

Globe today revealed its complete list of the latest UNLI 5G promos for both globe and TM subscribers.
Complete UNLI 5G promos for Globe and TM revealed, adds new 5G devices for Postpaid
Starts at Go5G99

Globe/TM new UNLI 5G promos!

These latest promos are part of the company's effort to drive more of its subscribers to experience the benefits of the latest 5G technology.

The new UNLI 5G offer starts at Go5G99 valid for 3 days, Go5G199 valid for 7 days, and Go5G299 valid for 15 days. In case you missed it, these promos are part GoBOOSTERS as to Go+ or Go90 and up promos.

This means that the user must be registered to Go90 and up to Go+ promos first.
UNLI 5G 599 for Postpaid subscribers
UNLI 5G 599 for Postpaid subscribers

What's new is the Unli 5G 599 valid for 30 days for Globe Postpaid and Platinum plan subscribers. It can be an add-on to their main plan allowance.

Globe also introduced UNLI 5G plans for TM subscribers including the TM5G99 valid for 3 days, TM5G199 valid for 7 days, and TM5G299 valid for 15 days once they are registered to EasySURF50 and up.

These promos will work on 5G-ready handsets in 5G-powered locations. To check if your area has Globe 5G coverage, click here.

Globe Postpaid also announced highlights some of its newest devices with 5G connectivity like the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G, Redmi Note 10, and Realme 8 5G, already available for as low as GPlan 599. Globe also has the GPlan 999 for those who are looking for a bigger data allocation and a FREE 5G device.

To check the list of Globe's 5G-ready phones, visit this link.

As an update, Globe said that its 5G outdoor coverage has hit 92 percent in the National Capital Region (NCR). Nationwide, the telco now has 1,759 5G sites. This is up from 88 percent in June 2021.

Globe said that Makati and Pateros have 100 percent 5G coverage, followed by Marikina with 99 percent. Taguig, Mandaluyong, and Caloocan have 98 percent while San Juan has 97 percent. Ortigas CBD has 98 percent while Makati CBD and BGC CBD have 97 percent.

The telco also shared that its 5G services are now accessible in 85 percent of Cebu City; 77 percent of Boracay Island; 75 percent of Bacolod City and 66 percent of Iloilo City.

In Mindanao, 5G is now accessible in 77 percent of Davao City and 80 percent of Cagayan De Oro City. Globe is also working on installing 7 new 5G cell towers in General Santos City and 4 in Zamboanga City.

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