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You can now upgrade your Delivery Guarantee in Grab for lost or damaged parcels!

You can now opt to select the delivery guarantee on your Grab account to ensure your parcel with up to PHP 50K compensation if damaged or lost.
You can now upgrade your Delivery Guarantee in Grab for lost or damaged parcels!
Three tiers of Delivery Guarantee

A way to upgrade your parcel's insurance when booking a GrabExpress delivery

Grab the Philippines is now providing a Delivery Guarantee for its customers. Basically, this allows its customers to can claim compensation for the items they booked through GrabExpress delivery in case of loss or damage.

By default, all GrabExpress deliveries are covered with the Basic tier as part of the platform fee. However, you may now decide to upgrade tiers for an extra cost. The tiers vary according to pricing and compensation value.

The basic is already FREE as mentioned and the compensation fee is up to PHP 50,000. The standard guarantee costs PHP 7 then you'll get up to PHP 35,000 in case your goods were damaged or lost. The premium is priced at PHP 9 and you may receive up to PHP 50,000 as compensation.

The company said that all  GrabExpress Drivers are trained on how to handle delivery items and are expected to ensure that each item reaches the recipient in good condition. Moreover, they would be violating service standards in case of mishandling and loss of delivery items. A proper investigation will be carried out and appropriate action will be taken against the driver.

To file a claim, you are required to submit a form from Grab with the following mandatory claim documents within 24 hours of receiving your item from your driver-partner: booking code and scanned valid Government ID.

Once they received your claim, Grab's support team will contact you on further requirements and additional details. This is to help in verifying your claim. Additional documents must be submitted within 7 business days so failing to provide them will result in automatic denial of your claim.

 Please submit these additional documents within 7 business days. Failure to provide these assisting documents will result in the automatic denial of your claim. Furthermore, the team will investigate your Claim Form and supporting documents internally. If approved, you will receive compensation within 2 months.

Source: Grab

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