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Samsung will allegedly remove ads from pre-installed apps

Samsung Mobile Chief TM Roh recently announced that the company is removing annoying ads from native apps.

Ads in basic pre-installed apps will be gone soon?

Several Android devices like realme, Xiaomi, and other brands offer ads that many consumers find pesky. However, a report says that Samsung seems to be moving in another direction. 

Ads are a big part of the web and apps on the phone, but they are also becoming a part of operating systems for some Android OEMs. Samsung has started pushing ads through notifications and its own apps on Galaxy phones.

During a "town hall meeting", TM Roh told employees that the South Korean giant made a decision to eliminate ads that usually comes with pre-installed apps. As a response to a question regarding this issue, Roh answered:

We decided to delete ads from basic apps such as Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Themes.

According to the source, Roh explained they will remove the ads through One UI software updates. However, it's still vague when exactly they will roll out this huge update. Also, they did not announce further details if this change will be limited to South Korean users or will be released in global markets.

For now, Samsung users can just avoid ads in the apps by disabling notifications. Most of the pesky ads from the mobile brand arrive as notifications. Simply go to Settings then find the Notifications tab. 

Note that in mind this option won't remove ads from your device entirely. It will only prevent them from showing up in your notifications tray from that point forward.

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