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Xiaomi advances to 338th rank on Fortune Global 500—becomes fastest rising company in its category in 2021

Xiaomi just announced that it now rose to Fortune Global 500's 338th rank. This is a significant jump of 84 places from 422nd place. Read on!
Xiaomi is now ranked 338 in Fortune Global 500
Xiaomi is now ranked 338 in Fortune Global 500

Xiaomi: The fastest-growing company in the Internet and Retail Category for Fortune Global 500

This is the third consecutive year that Xiaomi was included in the Fortune Global 500 list. It also became the fastest-growing company on the Internet and Retail Category of the Fortune Global 500 list for 2021. According to Xiaomi, the company is still a young and ambitious company that is motivated to realize its potential and growth.

According to Xiaomi's earnings report, the company's total revenue amounted to CNY 245.9 billion or around PHP 1.9 trillion in 2020. Xiaomi is still showing strong momentum of rapid growth, showing a significant increase in terms of revenue and net profit. In Q1 2021, Xiaomi recorded a CNY 76.9 billion or around PHP 590 billion in revenue.

Xiaomi also took over 2nd rank in the global smartphone market share ranking for the first time ever according to different analysis firms. It only came second behind Samsung but it already overtook Apple.

This growth can be attributed to its effort of creating premium smartphones, laptops, monitors, and AIoT products that are all integrated into Xiaomi's ecosystem.

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