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Sudio T2 Review - Beauty, clarity, and understated ANC

Sudio's best-selling Tolv model gets its latest generation upgrade through the Sudio T2 which was launched on September 17.
Sudio T2 Review - Beauty, clarity, and understated ANC
Meet the Sudio T2

Wireless TWS earbuds are becoming a necessity nowadays. Aside from audio quality and battery life, we can't always forget to look for the most beautiful TWS earphones our hands can get on. 

To recap, Sudio is a Swedish brand offering a wide array of earphones and speakers with distinctive designs. We recently got the chance to test their latest and attractive Sudio T2 TWS earbuds.

On paper, Sudio T2 boasts of its auto noise cancellation (ANC) feature, Bluetooth 52. (SBC codec), 8mm dynamic driver, and splash-proof. Note that there is no IP rating provided. Is the Sudio T2 worth the upgrade? 

Read on!


The package
The package

The unit arrived in a square, white box with the product's render in front. Inside, we find the unit, charging case, three extra ear tips in different sizes, USB-C cable, paper manual, and warranty card.

According to Sudio, the packaging was redesigned to be 100 percent plastic-free. This is in line with their ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Build Quality/Design

Sudio T2 in Sand
Sudio T2 in Sand

The Sudio T2 charging case is made of high-quality polycarbonate with a smooth velvety finish similar to the Tolv's. It is available in four colors: white, black, jade, and sand. We are reviewing the latter variant. It comes with a tassel made of flexible and soft fabric. The charging case sports a pebble shape with the LED indicator and charging port at the back, a pairing button at the bottom (Sudio Tolv didn't have this), and Sudio branding in front. 

The hinge feels sturdy and I personally love the click sound whenever I open and close it. On the other hand, the buds are made from the same materials as the charging case. 

Clean and aesthetic design!

Touch-sensitive buttons
Touch-sensitive buttons

Each earbud comes with a textured, metallic golden sand touch-sensitive button. The tiny concentric circles on each button nicely reflect the light. A LED indicator is also present that lights up white upon opening of the case which means the buds are fully charged and red when they're low in battery. Sudio claims that the T2 is splash-proof, but it does not have an IP rating. 

The earbuds have right and left markings with the brand just below them as well as a microphone, gold chrome design, and mesh filter. The filter is placed to avoid earwax and other types of dirt from entering the buds and prevent sound from coming out.


Sudio T2 earbuds
Sudio T2 earbuds

By default, the medium ear tips accompany the buds. And I find it perfect for my ears so I didn't have to change it. But in case this doesn't suit you, you can choose from XS, S, and L ear tip sizes provided in the package for a better fit. 

Sudio T2 can be paired on any iOS and Android device. Once paired, we only had to open the case and it's being automatically read by the device and connects. 

Seamless pairing!

Sudio T2 allows single bud pairing. So in case, this is your thing, this comes in handy. Although putting the volume on the lowest level can give users nice isolation as well as being aware of your environment.
The power/pairing button can be found at the bottom of the charging case
The power/pairing button can be found at the bottom of the charging case

In case you've read my previous earphone reviews, I mentioned there that open-designed earbuds are my personal preference. Despite the presence of ear tips, I'm making an exception for Sudio T2 since, as mentioned earlier, the buds perfectly fit my ears. They sit gently on my ears providing a light and comfortable fit.

In terms of isolation, Sudio T2 is quite impressive, thanks to its great seal. Its ANC feature has two modes namely Ambient mode and Transparency mode. The latter allows external sounds to come into the earbuds. 

The transparency mode can be manually toggled with the Sudio T2. When the microphone is used, Sudio T2 automatically enables the transparency mode making way for users to gauge the volume of their voice while conversing.


Pebble-shaped charging case
Pebble-shaped charging case

The Sudio T2 is rated to last up to 7 hours & 30 minutes on a single charge and 6 hours & 30 minutes with ANC. But, the charging case can last up to 35 hours in total. However, it still depends on how high or low the volume is. 

In our experience, we were able to enjoy a little over eight hours (divided into four 2 hours) of the playback time without ANC on low-level volume. With ANC on, we were over to enjoy tracks for over six hours.
USB-C port placed at the back
USB-C port placed at the back

As for charging, it takes over an hour from flat to full using the provided USB-C cable. There is no wireless charging, though. For over three days of usage, we haven't still plugged in the charging case so we think it's safe to say that it's doing a nice job. There is no support for wireless charging.


Charging case when opened
Charging case when opened

The Sudio T2 uses Bluetooth 5.2 technology, hence, the seamless pairing experience we've had. We'd like to commend the Sudio T2's largely stable connectivity because there was no lag or latency while we were watching videos on our YouTube app. 

Impressive stable connectivity!

As mentioned earlier, these earbuds sport touch-sensitive buttons instead of the physical buttons the Sudio Tolv had. Something that bothers me about it is that it requires some force to make them work and it causes the earbuds to be gradually pushed further into the ear canal. In our experience, it's uncomfortable and we think this would be the case for some too and may need some time getting used to it.

Touch sensitive buttons are responsive!


For music/video playback
1. Touch once on either earbud (left or right) to play or pause.
2. Touch twice on the left earbud to rewind.
3. Touch twice on the right earbud to go forward.
4. Touch three times on the left earbud to decrease volume.
5. Touch three times on the right earbud to increase volume.

Incoming phone calls
1. Touch once on either earbud (left or right) to accept a phone call.
2. ouch (hold) for three seconds on either earbud (left or right) to reject or end a phone call.

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode
1. Touch (hold) for two seconds on either earbud (left or right) to cycle between Normal mode, Active Noise Cancellation mode, and Transparency mode.

1. Touch (hold) for five seconds on either earbud (left or right) to power on (single earbud)
2. Touch (hold) for five seconds on either earbud to power off (both earbuds). After 2 seconds the listening mode will change, followed by sound off.

Note that T2 powers on and off automatically when the earbuds are taken out or put back inside the case. However, you can also control this without using the charging case.


Sudio T2's tassel
Sudio T2's tassel

In every TWS earphones, minus the design and features, audio, of course, is the most important. The Sudio T2's 8mm drivers provide a signature sound where the bass is punchy with a good depth. 

The mids were a little recessed because the bass is a little dominant. But, the midrange is still clear and not clouded. Meanwhile, the highs were crisp and the T2 has a nice separation. The soundstage felt wide with a good openness. 

The ANC experience that we got from Sudio T2 is understated. It's effective at reducing low-frequency noises but can get rid of high frequencies by 50 percent only. 
Clean right side of the Sudio T2's charging case
Clean right side of the Sudio T2's charging case

In terms of microphone quality, it produces a nice output and does a good job of canceling out my background noise. 

Overall, we were able to enjoy music very well in these TWS earbuds.

Pros - Aesthetic, clean design, pocketable case, variety of ear tips, good battery life, impressive connectivity, touch-sensitive buttons, ANC
Cons - no IP rating, lack of fast and wireless charging support

Sudio T2 Specs

Driver: 8mm
Microphone: Yes (built-in)
Battery: Up to 35 hours (with charging case)
Sensors: Optical (Wear Detection), Touch (for buttons)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 (SBC codec)
Others: Splash-proof, auto noise cancellation (ANC), physical buttons for controls, USB-C, Google/Siri assistant, Colors: White, Black, Jade, Sand
Dimensions:  (charging case)
Weight: 5.3 g (per earbud), 35.6 g (charging case)
Price: PHP 6,500 (T2GIZGUIDE for 15 percent discount = PHP 5,525 special price)


Sudio T2's sustainable box
Sudio T2's sustainable box

The Sudio T2 can easily capture anyone's attention thanks to its aesthetic, clean design. 

The earbuds did a great job when it comes to providing us with great audio and long battery life. The ANC may be a 'so-so', it still delivered us enjoyable tracks away from background noise. 

So, is Sudio T2 worth the upgrade? Yes if you're willing to spend that amount for these features and quality. Note that you can apply T2GIZGUIDE coupon code at the checkout on Sudio website to get 15 percent off your T2 purchase. The discount code is available until October 30, 2021. 

Build/Design - 4.5
Comfort/Isolation - 4.25
Battery Life - 4.5
Features - 4
Sound - 4
Average - 4.25

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