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Sudio Tolv Review- Stunning earbuds with great audio, connectivity, and comfort

Among the wireless gadgets we have today, TWS is becoming more sought-after by many consumers.
Sudio Tolv Review- Stunning earbuds with great audio, connectivity, and comfort
Tiny but powerful Sudio Tolv

This is probably why many brands are jumping on the bandwagon and now offers wireless earbuds in different price range, design, and features.

But even before this trend began, Swedish brand Sudio is already developing premium and high-end audio devices. Then gradually, they began introducing visually-pleasing earbuds in the market. 

One of them is the Sudio Tolv. Not to be confused with Tolv-R, this one is has a longer battery life and different aesthetics. Now, let's see if these cute wireless buds can be your daily companion for your music playlist and calls.

Here's our review!


Inside the white compact box
Inside the white compact box

The Sudio Tolv comes in a fairly compact and sturdy white box. It has the image of the earbuds in front while the primary features are written on the back.

Inside, it contains the earphones in their charging case, an extra 3 pairs of earbuds of varying sizes, a micro-USB charging cable for the case, and an instruction manual.

Build Quality/Design

Minimalist design
Minimalist design

The Tolv casing is made of high-quality polycarbonate material with a smooth velvety finish. It comes in stylish colors: white, black, pastel blue, pastel pink, anthracite (grey), and dark green. But for the review unit, Sudio sent us the pristine white with a brown leather tassel. You can tie the tassel to your bag to avoid misplacing the case.

It has a posh design that catches the eye

Going back to the case, it features a cute egg shape with an engraved branding on the front. It has smooth and rounded edges all over. It's tiny enough to fit inside the pocket of your jeans. The lid snaps open and shut with a firm click.
Charging port with light indicators
Charging port with light indicators

There's no physical button on the case and on the back, there's the port for micro USB and two light indicators. It would have been better if they equipped this with USB-C charging, but not that of a big deal.

According to the company website, the body of the buds is sweat resistant. So we can presume that it has sort of a splash resistance and can be used for workouts. 
Stylish buds with rose gold buttons
Stylish buds with rose gold buttons

They have the same smooth, rubbery matte finish just like the casing, and also comes in white. Made out of premium polycarbonate, they have a pink large metallic button on each one. Those buttons are decorated with tiny concentric circles that nicely reflect the light.
In-ear design
In-ear design 

Each of the buds has left and right markings, a microphone, and an in-ear design with a metallic mesh filter. The filter is placed to avoid earwax and other types of dirt from entering the buds and prevent sound from coming out.


Nicely-shaped buds for superb comfort
Nicely-shaped buds for superb comfort

Finding comfort with in-ear TWS can be tricky since all of us have different ear shapes and sizes. The good thing is, Sudio packed Tolv with extra three ear tips. These ear tips sport various sizes so chances are, you'll find the right fit for you.

Once you have paired the earphones with your device through Bluetooth, they will automatically pair every time you take them out of their case in the future. When you're done using them, you can simply put them back on the case to switch off. 

There's also this option to just pair and use a single earbud. This comes in handy when you have to take that call and you're driving since it won't be safe to use both.

Fast and convenient pairing

We thought at first that the buds are too big for my ears but they fit and look just fine. They do not easily fall off, so that's a huge plus if you are always on-the-go. 

In terms of isolation, this one has an impressive one because of the great seal. Honestly, we had a hard time listening to my external surroundings while wearing them. But if you'll use it in a crowded and buzzing area like the supermarket, you can still hear a bit of the noise. 

These buds lack ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology like the high-end TWS have. But for us, these buds have excellent isolation will be enough for immersive listening. 

I also want to commend Tolv's wearing comfort since we were able to test it for more than 8 hours of continuous usage. With the smooth edges and unique shape of the buds themselves, I did not have any problem using them for a long time.


Total of 35 hours of playtime
Total of 35 hours of playtime

Now for the battery, this one is a monster because it can give you 7 hours of listening time per bud. Note that it will still depend on the volume, but 60 or 70 percent will do. It's not really advisable to turn it on the maximum since it might damage your hearing.

But yes, it has more battery juice compared to the much more expensive Samsung Galaxy Buds, with the charging case which can provide extra 28 hours so you have a total of 35 hours of playtime. 

With three days of heavy use, we were not still able to drain the battery of this Sudio Tolv TWS.  It does not have fast charging support so it will probably take more than an hour to charge it. But that's totally okay since there's no need to frequently plug it.


Sudio Tolv uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology for stable connectivity up to 15 meters. I observed that this one is pretty consistent in this aspect, even when I'm making calls online. 

Instead of tap controls, these earbuds feature a physical button, one on each side. The thing is, the buttons are rigid enough to require enough force. As a result, it gradually pushes the buds further into your ear canal. It's uncomfortable at first, and this may need some getting used to.

The buttons allow you all the basic controls: single press on either earpiece to pause/resume; double press to skip track backward or forward (depending on the left/right earpiece); and triple press to lower or increase volume (again depending on the left/right earpiece). You can also hold either side for about a second to activate your phone assistant.

Imagine when you need to quickly increase the volume of the earbuds. There's a time I got stuck in trying to triple press the right earbud, wait for it to respond.  Then I have to repeat that until I reached my desired volume. So I think the triple press for volume is too much. I'll prefer pressing the volume rocker of my device than doing that.


Immersive listening experience with its graphene drivers
Immersive listening experience with its graphene drivers

In the long run, the most important thing to consider is how the earbuds sound, and thankfully, they don't sound bad at all. In fact, we think this pair gives a delightful listening experience. 

Overall, the sound quality of the Tolv earbuds is pretty great.  With the new graphene drivers, it offers a relatively neutral sound with strong bass and clear highs. But I must note that you must find the right fit of the ear tip, to get that sense of bass and broad sound delivery.

Even with the buds' tiny form, they can give you a deep and solid bass response!

As for the mids, it's consistent in terms of quality even I tried different music genres from rock, pop, country, and acapella. Low mids sounded a bit warm while high mids help push the vocals and guitars without sounding off. 

The lyrics of the song are fairly audible and no muffling sounds so that's a good thing. Its level of voice and instrumental separation is more than acceptable.

At a comfortable volume, the highs sounded good. But it easily went shrill and unpleasant when I turned the volume higher than 70 percent. 

Pros - Unique and elegant design, great form factor, variety of ear tips for a good seal, good battery life
Cons - No ANC, lacks fast charging support, no IP rating, tricky navigation system

Sudio Tolv Specs

Driver: Graphene driver
Microphone: Yes (built-in)
Battery: Up to 35 hours (with charging case)
Sensors: Optical (Wear Detection)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 w/ GFP
Others: Sweat resistance, physical buttons for controls, micro USB, Google/Siri assistant, Colors: White, Black, Light Pink, Light Blue, Green, Anthracite
Dimensions: 32.5 x 60.5 x 48.8 mm (charging case)
Weight: 4.5 g (per earbud), 42.3 (charging case)
Price: PHP 5,500


Pretty buds with impressive quality
Pretty buds with impressive quality

The look and the feel of the Sudio Tolv serve as a great visual since this is an audio accessory you wouldn't mind posting on Instagram.

The Scandinavian minimalist design of the casing and earbuds highlights the premium quality of materials used. 

Its design has just a few drawbacks, but we're just nitpicking considering its price. I think what matters the most is that it does not only look cute but the fact that I'm comfortable wearing them all day.

For performance and connectivity, I can say that Sudio Tolv did a superb job. Music from the tiny buds is indeed quite immersive. Its overall sound is warm and engaging. Even with punchy bass, the mids and highs did manage to shine through. And of course, they have a strong battery performance so no need to recharge frequently.

Will we recommend you to invest in these earbuds? If you simply like to listen to music while traveling, working, or exercise, then  Sudio Tolv is an excellent choice.

Build/Design - 4.5
Comfort/Isolation - 4
Battery Life - 4.25
Features - 3.75
Sound - 4
Average - 4.1

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