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Google introduces Android 12L, a feature drop for large-screen devices!

Google just announced Android 12L as "a special feature drop that makes Android 12 even better on large screens."
Google introduces Android 12L, a feature drop for large-screen devices!
Google outs Android 12L

Tailored to tablets, foldable, and ChromeOS devices

According to the search giant, it is designed to provide users of tablets, foldable, and Chrome OS laptops with an improved interface. There's a preview of Android 12L available plus a new Android 12L emulator and support for it in Android Studio for developers who want to try it out.

Google noted that 12L can also be used on smartphones. Allegedly, most of the new features won’t be visible on them. For now, the company is focusing on tablets, foldable, and ChromeOS devices.
A new two-column layout
A new two-column layout

In 12L, the search giant refined the UI on large screens across notifications, quick settings, lock screen, overview, home screen, and others. For example, the notification shade, lock screen, and other system surfaces use a new two-column layout to maximize the huge screen area. Also, system apps are also optimized.

Also, the Android 12L's UI also boasts of a new taskbar that allows users to instantly switch apps. Aside from that, it makes the split-screen mode to be more noticeable. Users can simply drag and drop an icon from the taskbar onto the screen to invoke it. This also means every app on Android is now enabled to support split-screen mode.

Aside from that, it launched new features in OS and Play for developers to better support these devices. It now provides updates to its Material Design guidance for large-screen devices. Moreover, there are also updates to Jetpack Compose to make sure that apps can more easily adapt to different screen orientations and sizes.

Meanwhile, Android Studio is also getting a resizable emulator. This will help developers test their apps on a wider variety of screen sizes and a new visual linting tool to surface UI warnings and suggestions when the layout has issues.

For Google Play, apps will be checked about its large screen app quality guidelines and its search rankings will take the results of this into account. Google will start warning users about apps that are not optimized for large screens with a notice on the listing page.

Google said on its blog post that it's planning to roll out 12L in early 2022, "in time for the next wave of Android 12 tablets and foldable." 

Source: Google

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