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Spotify intros "Netflix Hub" featuring playlists tied to shows and movies!

Thanks to the latest team-up of Netflix and Spotify, it would be now easier to look for the soundtrack from your favorite shows and movies.
Spotify intros a ‘Netflix Hub’ featuring playlists tied to shows and movies!
Netflix Hub on Spotify

A full audio-streaming experience from Netflix shows you love

The popular streaming music service just announced the arrival of 'Netflix Hub' on its app. Basically, it offers a centralized place for finding the official soundtracks, playlists, and podcasts for top shows and movies on Netflix.

The blog post says subscribers just need to search using the keyword "Netflix" on Spotify, and then people will be able to "find and sing along to the music behind some of their favorite Netflix shows".

To start off, the Netflix Hub offers soundtracks and playlists from Stranger Things, La Casa De Papel, Cowboy Bebop, Outer Banks, Squid Game, Bridgerton, Cowboy Bebop, Sex Education, Umbrella Academy among many others.

Aside from that, it includes some podcasts tied to Netflix such as  Okay, Now Listen, Netflix Is A Daily Joke,10/10 Would Recommend, You Can’t Make This Up and those that delve into well-known shows, like The Crown: The Official Podcast or Behind the Scenes: Shadow and Bone, and more.

Allegedly, the hub is just a result of the two platforms' existing partnership. Netflix and Spotify had already worked on many official playlists and the most recent is the enhanced album for "The Harder They Fall,". This is already which had been available before the Netflix Hub's debut. 

The two companies also worked on the La Casa de Papel regarding content experience and the character-matching game ahead of today’s news. Spotify says that it plans to release more exclusive content to the Netflix Hub in the months ahead.

The Netflix Hub is now available to all users, both free and premium accounts. The blog post says it now rolling out in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Ireland, and India. However, we can already access the said service after trying it with our devices here in the Philippines.

Source: Spotify

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