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LG announced new transparent OLED displays before CES 2022

Ahead of CES 2022, LG announced a myriad of new transparent OLED displays for different uses. It will be mostly used as store displays and showpieces.
LG announced new transparent OLED displays before CES 2022
LG Transparent OLED displays debuts before CES 2022

LG transparent OLED displays showcased ahead of CES 2022

LG Transparent OLED Shelf
LG Transparent OLED Shelf

First up. the OLED Shelf uses two transparent OLED displays. It hangs from the wall to blend into any living room setup and interior design. It can be used as a TV or as accent pieces to show gallery displays in Always On Display mode.
LG Shopping Managing Showcase
LG Shopping Managing Showcase

Next, the Shopping Managing Showcase is a transparent OLED display placed inside a wooden display case that aims to deliver a futuristic shopping experience. You can expect to see these types of showcases in luxury brand stores. It will help draw attention to products by displaying beautiful visual content.

The "Show Window" features four 55-inch Transparent OLED screens that help utilize the advertising capabilities of window displays while also providing a more unique, immersive, and informative shopping experience.

LG will also show off its 'Smart Window,' which is intended specifically for the office of the future. The advanced Smart Window, which uses Transparent OLED technology in conference room windows, can improve and maximize workplace productivity by transforming into an immersive and interactive screen for video conferencing, presentations, and entertainment without sacrificing the open view of a normal glass window.

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