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OPPO Find N flagship foldable teased, to launch on December 15!

OPPO has teased the arrival of its first foldable smartphone called the OPPO Find N at OPPO INNO Day 2021!
OPPO Find N flagship foldable teased, to launch on December 15!
Familiar design?

OPPO  to finally launch a foldable?

Thru its official Twitter account, OPPO has finally teased the design and arrival of its first flagship foldable that will be called the OPPO Find N during the company's INNO Day 2021 event.

The same tweet also says that Pete Lau will be taking the new role of Chief Product Offer or CPO at OPPO. The company says that the OPPO Find N was a result of over four years of intense research and development with over six generations of prototypes.

According to Pete Lau, smartphones have reached the limit of what features to offer like high refresh rates, mobile photography, fast charging, and the like. This has made the company decide to enter the foldable smartphone segment.

Work began on the first Find N Prototype began in 2018. This is months before Samsung launched the original Galaxy Z Fold back in early 2019. And years before Xiaomi launched the Mi Mix Fold in early 2021. 

This is great news as more competition is entering the foldable smartphone category which should benefit us, the consumers.

What do you guys think?

Source: OPPOVia: GizmoChina

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