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Team Secret secures a playoff spot in VALORANT Champions

The all Filipino lineup Team Secret was able to secure a playoff spot after a spirited run in the Group C of VALORANT Champions 2021.
Team Secret secures a playoff spot in VALORANT Champions
File photo: Team Secret banner

Playoffs secured!

The VALORANT Champions 2021 is an S-Tier competition hosted by Riot Games with a total prize pool of USD 1 million or around PHP 50 million. 

Team Secret displayed dominance over Japan's Crazy Raccoon and Brazil's Team Vikings gaining a score of 2-0 on both teams. This also means that the Filipino squad has at least secured a top 8 finish with current winnings of USD 40,000 (around PHP 2 million).

The members of the team are "DubsteP", "Borkum", "Dispenser", "Witz", "Jessievash", and "Gibo". In addition, "DubsteP" was also credited due to his stellar performance and putting up the highest kill-death ratio during the bouts in group C.

Meanwhile, Team Secret will go up against a formidable squad "Acend" from Europe on Thursday, December 9 as their first match in the playoffs. 

To know more about VALORANT Champions 2021 you may view this link.

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Source: Team Secret

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