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Meta removes 24 million fake content related to COVID, vaccines

Facebook parent company Meta shared that the company has removed over 24 million fake content related to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines.
File photo: Meta

Good job Meta group!

Alice Budisatrijo of Meta's Product Policy team shared that 195 million pieces of content for COVID-19 have been labeled already with the help of fact-checkers around the world. This is aside from the ver 24 million fake content they removed regarding the above-mentioned matters.

Meta also showed the reporters how the group is constantly updating its mechanisms to reduce misinformation over their platforms.

Meta expanded its policies to policies to remove more false claims about COVID-19 vaccines and started removing pages, groups, and accounts that discouraged vaccinations by mid-year.

The group also has a new technology that detects "deepfakes" or videos of well-known personalities that are artificially created to prevent misinformation.

Meta also said that it is has reduced the distribution of posts from people who violated its COVID-19 vaccination misinformation policies.

So this is the progress that we've made, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have removed some 24 million pieces of false content about COVID-19 and the vaccines, and we have labeled more than 195 million pieces of content for the COVID-19 misinformation, Budisatrijo told Manila-based reporters.


This is of course through our partnership with fact-checking partners over the world, and we have connected more than two billion people from 189 countries with reliable health information via the COVID-19 information center and news feed pop-outs, she added.

At the moment, misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines is still rampant. There are even groups and cults who claim that vaccines are dangerous despite all the legitimate scientific facts and peer-reviewed studies stating that they can help in saving lives and they are safe.

To read the full report, check our source below.

Source: Inquirer

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