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Vanguard Operator Isabella Reyes is written by a Filipina narrative designer!

Heads up, COD fans! Get ready to meet Filipina character Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes featured in the popular video game franchise.
Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes in Call of Duty

Bringing her own culture to Call of Duty 

The Filipina operator was introduced as a member of Task Force Trident which consists of a trio of operators or playable characters for the new Call of Duty season. The characters were also revealed along with the game's launch of a new map called Caldera, an uncharted island in the Pacific set during WWII.
A guerilla fighter
A guerilla fighter

In the game's announcement, Isabella Rosario Dulnuan Reyes is introduced as a deadly close-quarter battle (CQB) specialist from the Philippines. This game character also joined the Hukbalahap Resistance, a Filipino guerrilla group that fought against Japanese oppressors during the second World War.

Belinda Garcia is a narrative designer for Call of Duty: Vanguard and the person behind Isabella Reyes' character. She recently spoke on Twitter about how Isabella came to be, from her name to her Arnis background. 

In the cinematic introduction, Garcia shows how Filipinos have a common tradition to have both parents’ surnames, which she actually has as well. To her, it was "no question" that Isabella would indeed carry on the tradition.

Talking further about the cinematic, which takes place in an old church where Isabella goes face to face with enemy soldiers, the writer describes Isabella’s inspiration and reason for her fight, which was to avenge her father's death. Garcia herself was influenced greatly by being Catholic, so she wanted to make sure that the importance of family and faith was well portrayed in the cinematic.

One thing several netizens or gamers would immediately recognize is that Isabella is a well-trained arnis fighter, as she was trained by none other than her dad. It would be their "bonding" moment, as described by Belinda Garcia. Thus, featuring the national martial art of the Philippines is integral to Isabella's character.

Belinda also talked about the whole experience of it all, and how it was one of the most special things she has done for her job. She added

This is one of the most special things I’ve gotten to do for my job. It made me feel like I have a place in this world — both in this game and in this industry. Seeing Isabella in-game reminds me why I write and where my passion comes from. Love. Always love. 

Aside from Reyes, the members of Task Force Trident include Hawaiian-born Francis "Kai" Lanakila who leads the group, followed by African American operator Lewis Howard.

Great job Belinda Garcia!

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