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vivo celebrates and shares 2021 VISION+ Project's success plus plans for 2022!

In a special press conference last December 17, vivo shared the success of the 2021 VISION+ Project along with its partners ZEISS and Nat Geo.
vivo VISION+ Project 2021

What's in store for vivo fans in 2022?

vivo VISION+ Project photography entries for 2021
vivo VISION+ Project photography entries for 2021

The vivo VISION+ Project for 2021 was made successful in part due to the company's strong partnership with ZEISS, National Geographic, FIRST Internation Film Festival, and Three Shadows Photography Art Center. In addition, there were 38 creators who participated in the project from different nations.

With vivo's partnership with ZEISS, both envision smarter and more intensive mobile photography capabilities in the former's smartphones. In addition to the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards and VISION+ Short Short FilmAwards, which were introduced in collaboration with National Geographic and FIRST IFF, the VISION+ Academy was revealed in ten cities in 2021. This was done to address the public's desire for image production in a comprehensive way, encouraging more individuals around the world to use their smartphones to capture the present moment and express their emotions.

The 2021 VISION+ Project attracted around 70,000 producers from over 40 nations and regions, resulting in the collection of 384,878 photos and 3,160 short films. This perfectly embodied the living image creation principle of focusing on lovely moments in our daily life. vivo collaborated with Three Shadows to stage the VISION+ Grand Exhibition ("Exhibition"), which served as a thorough overview of the 2021 VISION+ Project's successes and a public showcase of these moving elements. The exhibition's subject, "Create Together, Our 2021," connected creators' perspectives on ordinary life and current events in 2021.

In terms of short films, the VISION+ Short Short FilmAwards 2021 received 3,160 great submissions that focus on everyday life through avant-garde styles. There was the Creator Forum during the press conference as well in which experts shared in-depth discussions about their own creation and experiences.

Mobile photography has lowered the barrier to professional-level image creation by regular people, making it more convenient, efficient, and intimate by being possible anytime, anywhere. This is thanks to the rapid evolution of technologies.

To encourage more smartphone users to participate in mobile photography in 2022, vivo will focus on the demands of users. vivo is committed to developing the best user-friendly professional photography system possible in order to give users a seamlessly integrated experience. 

While fulfilling its obligation as a technology brand, vivo seeks to make the creative drive and expression of everyday life completely accepted and supported through the VISION+ Project as an exchange platform.

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