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PLDT Home to discontinue TVolution Roku Powered service by end of March 2022!

PLDT Home has announced that its Roku Powered TVolution service is getting discontinued by end of March 2022.
PLDT Home to end TVolution Roku service!

Goodbye, PLDT Home Roku TVolution

According to PLDT, the end of service is part of its business strategy to focus on new and improved entertainment services for its customers and potential subscribers. You can still use your existing subscriptions on Netflix and iFlix which are streaming services accessible via TVolution.

TVolution users with existing Cignal subscriptions will be able to transfer their current Cignal subscription to a Cignal Set Top Box for FREE. For PLDY Home Fibr subscribers, you will get a FREE Cignal STB device with FREE installation, FREE activation of Cignal Plan, and no refresh in the lock-in period.

PLDT Home DSL users will get FREE installation of Fibr service (depends on service availability in your area), FREE Fibr modem, FREE Cignal STB device with FREE installation and activation, and no refresh of the lock-in period. If your area cannot be serviced with Fibr connection, you will be given the option to waive the monthly service fees of your TVolution and Cignal subscription.

Users with multiple TVolution devices using the Cignal service will get a second Cignal STB device for free. Cignal plans that are considered legacy plans will be given an option to transfer to a new plan or discontinue the service completely.

TVolution helped transform non-Smart TVs into streaming machines by providing streaming apps such as Netflix, iFlix, Cignal, and YouTube. This is a great alternative for those who were not able to get a smart TV at the time.

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Source: PLDT Home

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