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Google Search remains to be the most preferred search engine

In the recently held "Decoding Decisions" event, Google looked at how "Search" affects people's decisions.
Google Search remains to be the most preferred search engine
File photo: Google Search

How Google Search plays a role between brands and consumers

Did you know that 80 percent of consumers today are facing difficulty making decisions because of too much information or too many options? Thanks to information overload, purchasing decisions have a so-called "messy middle."

The messy middle is a noisy space between triggers and purchases. It's where brands lose and win consumers. It's a "journey" where people look for more details about a product or service. According to Google, it's where people lean on them to decode their decision-making process.

In a world where decision-making is more difficult than ever before, people are searching for answers. That's why we are humbled that billions of consumers turn to Google to search for answers every single day. This pushes us to continuously improve to provide people with the most relevant and helpful information from the most trustworthy and authoritative sources to help them make better decisions, said Sapna Chadha, Vice President for Marketing – Google India, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

73 percent of people say Google Search is their number one most preferred search engine when looking for relevant information across all categories.

In 2020, Nestlé's Maggi, a line known for its seasonings and is one of the leading brands in the culinary market, aimed to improve the functionality, recipe service, and total user experience of its website.

[The] search was at the heart of our plan because it’s an integral part of our consumers' cooking journey as they plan their meals. We used cross-platform audience lists to drive video viewers of the Maggi Philippines' YouTube channel to the website, said Seaneen Arcilla, Service Pillar Lead, Food, and Dairy Culinary Business Unit, Nestlé.

During the event, metrics were shown indicating that the cross-platform approach of re-engaging video viewers on Search resulted in a seven times higher click-through rate and 3.5 times higher conversion rate. 

Moreover, 40 percent of website traffic comes from remarketing lists–a much higher percentage than they expected.

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