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Apple will now deny iPhone repairs if reported as lost

Cupertino firm Apple recently shared that the company will now deny iPhone repairs if it is reported as lost or stolen in the GSMA Device Registry.
File photo: iPhone 13 Pro

No more iPhone repairs if reported as lost

Based on an internal memo sent to Apple Store employees and Apple Authorized Service Providers, the company will now use the GSMA Device Registry database to check if a device is registered as lost before providing any repairs and the technicians must reject the repair if it was reported as missing.

Previously, Apple only prevent repairs for lost or stolen devices if they had the "Find My" feature.

This new policy aims to prevent stolen iPhones from being replaced with new ones, especially if the "Find My" is not on.

To those who missed it, GSMA Device Registry is a global database designed for customers to report their devices as missing in the event of loss or theft. The devices in the database could be identified by their unique IMEI number. You can find this in the Settings > General > About.

In the Philippines, you may check this link to get Apple-certified iPhone repairs.

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