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Samsung Galaxy S20 series display issues are reportedly back

In 2021, Samsung Galaxy S20 series displays started dying for no clear reasons. Reports from users say that it is happening again in 2022. Read on!
Samsung Galaxy S20 series display issues are reportedly back
Samsung Galaxy S20 series facing the unwelcome return of display issues

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 series display issue back?

Photo from Twitter user @Thesourya2000
Photo from Twitter user @Thesourya2000

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra all reported a green or pink line of dead pixels running down the screen. There are different reports on when and how these failures happen. Some users say that a software update triggered it while some also say that it happened randomly months before any major software update happened.

Of course, these user reports provide confirmation of damaged screens but we don't know how they handled the phones. We can't confirm if these were in any way dropped or bumped during their lifespan. However, these display issues have been present since the Galaxy S20 series' release which Samsung seemed to fix with a software update.

If these problems are considered by Samsung as isolated issues, customers may have to cop up for them to be repaired since these Galaxy S20 devices are way out of their warranty period as they are past 2 years old. But, we do hope that, if this is a widespread issue, Samsung provide repairs to its users.

Samsung has not yet released an official statement about this issue yet.

What do you guys think?

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