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PLDT Group blocks over 23 million "smishing" messages

PLDT and its wireless arm Smart Communications strengthened their fight against malicious messages by blocking millions of smishing messages in just three days.
PLDT Group blocks over 23 million "smishing" messages
File photo: PLDT/Smart logos

PLDT, Smart block more smishing messages

From June 11 to 14, PLDT said it blocked more than 23 million messages containing links to phishing sites.

PLDT and Smart have increased the frequency of our detection and blocking activities to keep our customers safe, said Angel Redoble, FVP and Chief Information Security Officer at PLDT and Smart.

The group explained that cybercriminals use smishing to deceive customers into thinking that the messages came from legitimate organizations, such as banks, recruitment agencies, tour operators, and other companies.

The links in the messages lure victims into providing their personal data.

From January to May, the group said that they successfully blocked over 600,000 messages linked to smishing, hoaxes, and spamming. SIMs that have been blocked in the period also reached 78,000.

We are constantly upgrading our tools to stay ahead of criminals. We continue to engage our partners both in the government and private sector to keep the Group updated on the latest threats and how perpetrators run their modus, Redoble said.

PLDT invested PHP 3 billion in its cybersecurity infrastructure in 2021.

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