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ICYMI, DTI pushes e-commerce sites to give senior citizen and PWD discounts

The Department of Trade and Industry reminded online platforms to honor the privileges granted to senior citizens and persons with disabilities.
ICYMI, DTI pushes e-commerce sites to give senior citizen and PWD discounts
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Redesign website and perks to honor discounts for seniors and PWDs

The government issued the call following the release of a joint memorandum circular entitled "Guidelines on the Provision of the Mandatory Statutory Benefits and Privileges of the Senior Citizens and Persons with Disabilities on their Purchases through Online (e-commerce) and Phone Call/SMS".

In a nutshell, the guidelines ensure that e-commerce sites honor the mandatory discounts for senior citizens and PWDs whenever they purchase goods or services, whether online, via telephone, or mobile transactions. 

Under the amended RA 9257 and RA 9442, senior citizens and PWDs are entitled to a 20 percent discount for select products even if they've purchased from online shops, with exempted from 12 percent VAT.

Aside from that, they may also 5 percent special discount for basic necessities and prime commodities, for their exclusive use and enjoyment. However, note that the maximum purchase amount must be PHP 1,300 or below per week to get the said 5 percent discount, for both online and offline transactions.

DTI said that the amount shall be spent for the personal and exclusive consumption of the Senior Citizen and the PWD, and should be spent on at least four kinds of items of basic goods and prime commodities.

In addition to this strict reminder, the memorandum encourages the businesses/companies on revamping their business/websites/applications to accommodate the provision of discounts for senior citizens and PWDs. DTI Secretary Ramon M. Lopez pointed out, 

Online shopping platforms need to reprogram their offering to incorporate a feature that allows discounts for persons with disabilities and senior citizens.

In redesigning, businesses may add the acceptance of the Senior Citizen or PWD’s submission of his or her ID and the use of discount vouchers or codes, whether physical or electronic. It may also reflect the applicable discount that may be granted, provided that the discount shall not be lower than what is prescribed under the guidelines.

The department, on the other hand, reminded senior citizens or  PWDs that they must declare that they are eligible for the mandated discount placing an order. Also, they should submit supporting documents, such as a scanned copy or screenshot of ID, as well as the front and last pages of the purchase booklet. The same proof of discount entitlement should be shown upon the delivery of goods and orders.

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Source: DTI

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