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Spotify is rolling out Karaoke Mode, a feature that scores your singing!

The streaming platform has launched a new feature dubbed Spotify Karaoke, a built-in sing-along with scoring like traditional karaoke.
Spotify is rolling out Karaoke Mode, a feature that scores your singing!
Spotify Karaoke Mode (Photo from Pop Crave)

Even gives you a score at the end of your 'birit' performance

Some Spotify users can now sing along to their beloved songs and get a score based on how well they performed. Previously, the company enabled its users to sing along to their favorite tunes with the lyrics appearing on the app, and now they will have a chance to unleash their inner karaoke diva. 

Allegedly, the karaoke mode allows users to sing along to tracks by silencing the original vocals and offering the lyrics to make it easier. But the significant part is that Spotify can judge or score the performance. 

Those who already got the update for the feature say that it gives a rating of over 100. Spotify hasn't clarified what criteria your singing will be ranked on. 

Some users shared examples where the app had told them they were "90 percent accurate" in their song performance. There are also compliments, for instance, "on the road to becoming famous."

Getting the Karaoke feature is quite simple, as you must update your Spotify app. The feature has been released in the latest update, and users can enjoy it by updating their app by heading to the App Store or the Play Store.

Once done, select the song you want to sing along to and scroll down. You will see the lyrics, and on the top right will be an option that says "sing." When you click on it, the Karaoke mode is activated, and Spotify allows you to sing along with its latest feature.

However, not every user has access to Spotify Karaoke. Apparently, it has been rolled out to a random assortment of users, so there's a chance that your latest update wouldn't show the new feature. 

There's no need to worry since it will probably arrive in a few days. We highly suggest that you either keep the app for an automatic update or keep checking the App Store or the Play Store to make sure you don't miss out.

The good thing is that the karaoke mode would be available for every Spotify user without needing to go premium.

Have you guys tried it out?

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