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Globe extends free telco services to customers in Sri Lanka

Globe Telecom is currently providing FREE calls, texts, and data to customers affected by the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.
Glob extends free telco services to customers in Sri Lanka
Globe Telecom delivers free services for customers in Sri Lanka

FREE Globe services for Filipinos in Sri Lanka

In a statement, the telco said Filipinos using its roaming services will get 15 minutes of calls, 15 texts, and 1GB of data valid for 7 days to reach their loved ones back home.

We are closely monitoring the events unfolding in Sri Lanka and providing free connectivity to Filipinos there to ensure they are able to reach their families and friends during this challenging time, said Coco Domingo, Globe vice president for Postpaid and International Business.

No registration is required for accessing the services, it noted. A notification will be sent once the services are ready for use.

To make a call, dial “+”+ country code + area code + telephone number (ex. +6327730212) or dial “+” + country code + mobile number (ex. +639171234567). To send a text, type “+”+ country code + mobile number (ex. +639171234567).

For FREE data, users only need to turn on their mobile data and data roaming on the phone's settings.

The Philippine government has raised Alert Level 2 for Filipinos in Sri Lanka, automatically suspending the deployment of new workers there. It also urged Filipinos residing in the country to be careful and not to participate in rallies.

About 500 Filipinos are in Sri Lanka.

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