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Opensignal says 5G download speed faster than WiFi in PH

Filipino consumers who have access to a 5G network have experienced faster download speeds compared to when they use WiFi, data from Opensignal showed.
Opensignal says 5G download speed faster than WiFi in PH
5G network beats WiFi network in some segments

5G dominates the download speed segment

Based on its latest report, Ookla said 5G users' average download speeds were 5.3 times faster than those logged on WiFi.

From March 1 to May 29, Opensignal said 5G posted average download speeds of 138.6 Mbps, significantly better than WiFi's 26.3 Mbps and 4G's 15.8 Mbps.

Clearly, the arrival of 5G changes the balance between cellular and Wifi connectivity — as 5G cellular connections are typically faster than on Wifi, whereas Wifi has the advantage when cellular users are connected to 4G, Opensignal said in its report released last June 30.

However, the WiFi connection continued to be superior when it comes to upload speeds, where it delivered average upload speeds of 14.4 Mbps. Users connected to 5G and 4G saw average upload speeds of 12.8 Mbps and 4.1 Mbps, respectively.
Data from Opensignal
Data from Opensignal

For users who enjoy real-time multiplayer gaming using smartphones, 5G remains a better choice than WiFi with 62.5 scores for the Games Experience segment.

The 5G network also ensures the best Video Experience for smartphone users.

Opensignal said that while the arrival of 5G means that "WiFi is no longer always superior to cellular", the latter will continue to play an important role, especially when backing up files and downloading larges apps given its cheaper cost.

Also, 5G services need to expand considerably because in the majority of locations only 4G is available — our 5G users in the Philippines connected to 5G 13 percent of the time and were on average connected to a 5G signal in four out of 10 locations they visited in the 90 day period starting on 1st March 2022, Opensignal said.

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Source: Opensignal

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