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PLDT Group: We ready to fight cyberthreats

Industry giant PLDT is confident in combatting threats in cyberspace through its "adaptive" approach.PLDT, Smart embrace "Balanced Scorecard".
PLDT said that they are ready to fight cyberthreats
Angel Redoble, First Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer of the PLDT Group, speaks about adaptive strategy against cyber threats at the PhilSec 2022 Summit

PLDT Cybersecurity measures?

During the PhilSec 2022 Hybrid Summit on "Building a Cyber-resilient Philippines," a PLDT official said the group, with its wireless arm Smart Communications, has been adopting the "Balanced Scorecard" since 2018 to handle the cybersecurity situation.

This, as he stressed the need to have an "evolving strategy" to protect customers amid the proliferation of smishing activities.

The group explained that cybercriminals use smishing to deceive customers into thinking that the messages came from legitimate organizations, such as banks, recruitment agencies, tour operators, and other companies.

Last month, the company blocked over 100 URLs and domains linked to text scams.

The "Balanced Scorecard" dictates whether it is imperative to improve a strategy, change a strategy, or add another strategy. Strategy in cybersecurity is a moving target. Your strategy will depend on how your environment adapts to new technology, Angel Redoble, First Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer of the PLDT Group.

PLDT said it has been investing in new processes while expanding tools to keep its subscribers safe from cybercriminals.

In cybersecurity, users are often considered the weakest link. But at PLDT and Smart, they are our force multipliers. Every time there is suspected phishing, they report it to us.

Every time they don’t understand something, they think about cybersecurity. Pursuing a culture of cybersecurity is something that should be a priority, Redoble said.

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