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DxOMark CEO: We do not sell smartphone camera scores

According to CEO Frederic Guichard, DxOMark mainly offers labs and technical reports.
Frederic Guichard recorded a video to clear out DxOMark's reputation (Photo from GizChina)

DxOMark said that score is just the tip of the iceberg

The source stated that there's an ongoing perception that the benchmarking company has already lost its reliability. This might be attributed to the bad reviews on DxOMark's selling points and lack of objectivity.

To clarify the issue, CEO Frederic Guichard personally recorded a video to answer the inquiries of several netizens. He said, 

DXOMARK has more than 100 engineers to repeatedly test smartphone cameras, audio, screens, and batteries in 16 laboratories. We follow no less than 5 scientific test benchmarks. Each benchmark combines objective testing and perception test analysis.

Guichard also addressed the suspicions regarding the benchmark scores by explaining that DxOMark's business model is to sell labs and technical reports, but neither points nor rankings are sold. He added that scores are just a summary of hundreds of hours of quality evaluation and analysis.

Furthermore, the top executive noted that the score published relies on the quality of the product. Guichard pointed out that it's not a simple hardware score. Whether it is photography or audio, it is closely related to software tuning.

Lastly, the CEO also discussed the topic of how manufacturers send units for testing. He claimed that for models that manufacturers do not send for testing, they will also buy commercial models at their own expense. 

Allegedly, DxOMark tests all relevant products. If the manufacturer sends the product prior to its release, they will test it. 

To test if they will get the same result, the company will still purchase a commercial model and re-test the device. DxOMark explained that they are also performing this to rule out all possibilities that the earlier version is a "special version".

CEO Lei Jun also made an announcement that DxoMark will purchase Xiaomi 12S Ultra to test its camera prowess. It also asserted that they always uphold professional and respectable standards. 

Any thoughts on this issue?

Source: GizChina

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