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Globe at Home announces new Fiber-to-the-Room technology

Globe at Home just announced the new fiber-to-the-room technology designed for homes for fast, low latency, WiFi connection. Read on for more!
Globe at Home announces new Fiber-to-the-Room technology
What is Globe at Home's Fiber-to-the-Room tech?

Globe at Home unveiled Fiber-to-the-Room technology

Fiber-to-the-Room is Globe at Home's top option for digital transformation in households with low latency and ultra-fast and smooth WiFi connection. It can support up to 128 device connections and offers 10 times the speed and coverage of a standard WiFi network.

This is one of the improvements available as part of Globe's push for built-in internet in-house developments. Globe is collaborating with some of the nation's top home builders and real estate developers to promote the wider use of a ready connection.

Customers can utilize Globe At Home's innovative solution to increase WiFi signal strength and prevent dead spots in vast areas, homes and buildings with several thick concrete walls and floors, and buildings with an excessive number of connected devices.

The level of the digital experience at home will rise with the help of FTTR and GFiber Unli plans. The epidemic has increased the use of digital technology, making FTTR a crucial element in homes looking for the finest internet connectivity on the market.

The system intends to create an entirely optical foundation for whole-home WiFi. It provides gigabit WiFi 6 coverage and extends fiber to every room to provide a completely new digital experience.

More information is expected to come in the near future. We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

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