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HUAWEI Ads resource opens new opportunities for PH tech-advertisers

During the first-ever HUAWEI Ads Summit in the Philippines, the company announced the "HUAWEI Ads" self-serve ads platform. Read on for more!
HUAWEI Ads resource opens new opportunities for PH tech-advertisers
HUAWEI Ads now official for PH tech advertisers

HUAWEI Ads is the latest tech advertisers resource in PH

The Chinese tech company demonstrated HUAWEI Ads' capabilities at the summit, showing how it could aid advertising partners in achieving particular commercial objectives. Mobile advertisements have emerged as the crucial point of contact between rival businesses and their target markets in the age of digital transformation, making HUAWEI Ads an effective marketing tool with 730 million global users within the third-largest mobile ecosystem in the world.

The success of HUAWEI Ads is made possible by HUAWEI's "1+8+N" all-scenario strategy. Simply put, this strategy creates an all-scenario hardware ecosystem with three layers with "1" representing the smartphone as the hub, "8" representing the eight categories of Huawei-developed products, including speakers, tablets, PCs, and watches as auxiliary entrances, "N" representing the numerous IoT ecosystem devices, and "+" representing the technology that links these layers, such as HUAWEI Share and HUAWEI HiLink.

The foundation of the impending linked future is laid out by the all-connected ecosystem. HUAWEI has made significant contributions through its 1+8+n ecosystem idea and Seamless AI Life Strategy, which brings more smart devices into homes and workplaces. They offer the key benefit of more unified data, accurate reach, and intelligent ad distribution across devices and apps when used together.

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