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PLDT, Smart deploy Paybox kiosks nationwide for more convenient payments

PLDT and Smart just announced the deployment of Paybox kiosks to make bills payment more convenient and safe for consumers.
PLDT and Smart's Paybox kiosks aim to make easier contactless payments
PLDT and Smart's Paybox kiosks aim to make easier contactless payments

PLDT, Smart rollout Paybox kiosks in the Philippines

There are over 200 Paybox kiosks as of June
There are over 200 Paybox kiosks as of June

The telco had installed over 200 Paybox kiosks in its shops and service locations as of June. Customers may quickly pay their mobile, internet, and landline bills on their own using Paybox, a self-service payment system, without having to wait in line to deal with staff inside shops. As another COVID-19 spike threatens the public, this saves customers time while ensuring their safety.

Paybox includes a straightforward UI and accepts cash, credit or debit cards, Maya QR codes, and virtual change to make things simpler for customers. This eliminates face-to-face interaction and enables contactless payments. Additionally, customers can easily combine two payment options for a more seamless transaction, all they need to know is their PLDT or Smart account number. Additionally, payments will be updated in real-time on their accounts.

To pay for PLDT or Smart postpaid bills, customers can follow these easy steps:

1.    Go to a Paybox kiosk and select PLDT or Smart on the touchscreen.
2.    Input the PLDT account number or the Smart mobile number.
3.    Choose a preferred mode of payment.  An additional feature allows customers to combine two payment methods (i.e. cash and credit/debit card), making the process more flexible and convenient.
4.    Then, input the amount that they wish to pay, and confirm.
5.    Once done, a payment confirmation will appear on the screen, and customers can choose whether they want to print a receipt or get a confirmation notice via mobile or email. Payments made through the Paybox are posted in real-time.

The PLDT group's larger mission to improve the quality of service provided to its consumers through technology and innovation is in line with this retail innovation, which is a component of PLDT and Smart's ongoing digital transformation.

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