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#ICYMI: Secretlab brings The Batman Movie Edition chair to the Philippines, priced at PHP 38,990!

Popular gaming chair maker Secretlab recently announced that the TITAN Evo 2022 Gaming Chair—'The Batman' Movie Edition is now available in the Philippines.
The Batman Movie Edition chair is here!

The new batman chair is here!

The gaming chair sports a similar form factor coming from other TITAN Evo 2022 Gaming Chairs with Secretlab NEO Hybrid Leatherette material, but it now has the new batman accents and overall theme. Moreover, the chair has a magnetically detachable Bat emblem.

To keep it short, it is inspired by "The Batman" Movie starring Robert Pattinson who portrayed the caped crusader.

This is not the first Batman-themed chair from the company, but it is arguably the most premium-looking and unique one.

Fans have come to love our DC chairs over the years; we get people writing to request for restock each time one sells out. In celebration of the upcoming, all-new blockbuster ‘The Batman’, we decided to create an even more unique iteration for the truest Batman and DC fans. Batman's gadgets and his suit have always reflected his complex character and we’ve incorporated that into our latest 'The Batman' Movie Edition chair — you'll have to watch the movie for the full impact of this Easter egg!

To know more about the TITAN 2022 Secretlab chairs, read our take here.

Price and availability

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Gaming Chair—'The Batman' Movie Edition - PHP 38,990

At Shopee, the chair is currently listed at PHP 38,990. But, it is sold out at the moment.

Check the Shopee link here.

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