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917Ventures' DeepSea helps PH enterprises optimize digital marketing

917Venture's new portfolio company, DeepSea, is looking to help optimize digital marketing for both big and small enterprises in the Philippines.
917Ventures' DeepSea helps PH enterprises optimize digital marketing
DeepSea aims to optimize Filipino businesses' digital marketing

DeepSea will help Filipino businesses improve their digital marketing

DeepSea is 917Venture's ADTech solution
DeepSea is 917Venture's ADTech solution

DeepSea prevents ad expenditure and ad space wastage by connecting advertisers, agencies, and publishers to a larger optimized advertisements ecosystem. Additionally, it aims to support other publishers outside of the 917Ventures group in maximizing their publisher resources.

At the moment, advertisers and agencies frequently deal with erroneous ad targeting, bad data, and constrained audience categories. In order to overcome these issues, DeepSea's Data Management Platform offers first-party data across diverse audiences that are targeted at the appropriate individuals.

On the other hand, publishers frequently struggle with tiresome one-on-one ad inventory selling as well as dubious and pointless programmatically sold advertisements and implementation. This problem is resolved by DeepSea's Private Marketplace solution, which uses real-time bidding of expensive and sought-after digital goods.

Glenn Estrella, Head of Ideation and Acceleration at 917Ventures, claimed that they are laying a solid basis for their digital advertising and data business with this most recent endeavor.

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