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Fujifilm Business Innovation PH launches Work:Sphere unified communication solution

Fujifilm Business Innovation Philippines announced the launch of Work:Sphere. It is a one-stop unified communication solution for companies.
Fujifilm Business Innovation PH launches Work:Sphere unified communication solution
Work:Sphere unified communication solution now official

What is Fujifilm's Work:Sphere solution?

Work:Sphere is a one-stop unified communication solution with renowned partners like Fun Technology Innovation Inc. (FTI), Newline, ViewSonic, Jabra, Reactive Suite, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom that enables seamless connectivity, enhances customer experience, and increases employee engagement and participation.

Work: Sphere is designed to deliver three key benefits: Seamlessly Connected, Effective Work Collaboration, and Integrated End-to-End Services, to meet the growing demands for an integrated connection across various locations, including home and office environments, and to optimize both remote and onsite experience.

All businesses will now have access to an integrated suite of tools and solutions that offers four workspace options, each to specifically address their needs: personal desk, huddle space, 4-to-8-person meeting room, and 8+ person meeting. This eliminates the need for businesses to spend countless hours researching different vendors using multiple collaboration tools and software.

Here is the Work:Sphere solutions for different setups:

1. Personal Desk - A personal desk or home office outfitted with the necessary equipment for hybrid meetings. a 23.8-inch interactive display, a wide-angle camera, dual omnidirectional microphones, headphones, and video conferencing and collaboration software.
2. Huddle Space - The tools offered will be able to maintain conversations during spontaneous and informal meetings of smaller groups. Huddle Spaces can have a 23.8-inch interactive display, a camera that can see the entire room, two omnidirectional microphones, speakerphones, and collaboration and video conferencing software.
3. Meeting room for 4 to 8 pax - Larger spaces that permit hybrid meetings with superior video conferencing and collaboration tools. 

A 65-inch interactive display, a camera that covers the entire room, dual omnidirectional microphones, speakerphones, collaboration software, and video conferencing software are all options for these.
4. Meeting Room for 8+ pax - With comprehensive audio, video, and communication software, customers can upgrade the meeting experience and have uninterrupted, seamless conversations.

A 75-inch or 86-inch interactive display, a panoramic camera, omnidirectional microphones, speakerphones, collaboration, and video conferencing software, as well as other features, can be added to these.

You can find more information via the Fujifilm Business Innovation Work:Sphere via this link.

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