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Globe scores multiple wins at ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Awards!

Globe just won multiple awards that solidified its high standards of good corporate governance to ensure good business through its values.
Globe scores multiple wins at ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Awards!
Globe wins in ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Awards!

Globe recognized in good governance by the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Awards!

Consistent recognition on a global scale, most notably from the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard Awards, which highlighted Globe's commitment to best standards for corporate governance, serves as proof of this. Globe was also recognized for having industry-leading governance standards and practices by being ranked among the top 3 Philippine Publicly-listed Companies, the ASEAN Top 20, and the ASEAN Asset Class.

Among other things, Globe's business practices are governed by a thorough Manual of Corporate Governance (MCG) and Code of Conduct, which includes strict rules against insider trading, corruption, dealing in securities, conflicts of interest, environmental sustainability, health and safety, and how it interacts with suppliers and vendors.

Globe sees suppliers and vendors as key parts of its flow, and without them, the company's operations would not be successful.

In accordance with this, Globe makes sure that its procurement practices are always legal and compliant with regulations promoting equality and fairness. The Vendor Management platform and the Globe Whistleblower Network are two more ways that Globe keeps a channel available for vendors to voice their concerns.

The business honors its suppliers each year at the Globe Business Partners Appreciation event, where winners in a number of categories get awards.

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