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Samsung foldable smartphones see increased adoption in the enterprise segment!

Samsung announced that the sales for the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip smartphones doubled in the enterprise segment as adoption increased.
Samsung foldable smartphones see increased adoption in the enterprise segment!
File photo: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

What makes Samsung foldable smartphones great for enterprise users?

Samsung Galaxy Fold4's different enterprise uses
Samsung Galaxy Fold4's different enterprise uses

According to Samsung, the data from January to October 2022 showed that the number of foldable smartphones Samsung contracted for enterprise customers increased by 105 percent compared to the same period in 2021.

With this rise in foldable smartphone adoption, 16 million units are expected to be shipped worldwide which is a 73 percent increase YoY. In 2023, the growth is expected to reach 26 million shipped as the form factor becomes more mainstream in the enterprise market.

Enterprise users see the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4's 4th gen foldable screen for multitasking. Features such as S-Pen support, Multi-Windows, and Flex Mode provide users a lot of options on how they can complete a task.

Business-focused apps such as the Bloomberg Professional app sees a unique look and user experience due to the screen technology of the Galaxy Z Fold4. In addition, DocuSign with its Android 12L improvements takes advantage of the S-Pen integration making eSignatures intuitive and easy to do. DocuSign also utilized Samsung Dex mode to provide a PC-like experience.

Samsung also partnered with IBM to address issues for financial professionals in terms of providing a mobile experience that is easy to use and informative at the same time. The integration of Samsung DeX and S-pen enables users to interact with data, use drag-and-drop gestures, translate handwriting, and more in a compact device.

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