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Watch: Samsung's new Lifestyle Soundbar for The Frame and other TVs is sleek and powerful!

In this video, we're checking out the Samsung The Frame TV and Lifestyle Soundbar 2022.
Meet The Frame and Lifestyle Soundbar

To recap, The Frame isn't new. The device first launched in 2017 as a "unique" screen that functions as a 4K Smart TV when it's on and turns into a work of art when off.
Pretty good picture quality
Pretty good picture quality

It comes with magnetic customizable bezels which you can switch up to fit your room's theme and aesthetic. In the Philippines, the bezels come in 2 styles–modern and beveled–and four colors–White, Brick Red, Teak, and Brown.

What's new on the 2022 model is its improved screen called "Premium Matte Display."

This also has a new remote control with a small solar panel. So yes, you don't need batteries to make it run anymore. In the long run, you save money and actually help the environment by reducing waste.

In the Philippines, The Frame is available in 43 to 65-inch models starting at PHP 58,999.
The Lifestyle Soundbar
The Lifestyle Soundbar

Meanwhile, the Lifestyle Soundbar is the newest addition to Samsung's Sound Device category.
Superb for music listening and more
Superb for music listening and more

It's sleek, lightweight, and a beautiful piece of technology designed to make your living space more stylish, just like The Frame TV. That’s why Samsung recommends pairing the 2 devices together.

Unlike other Soundbars in the market, this one will make your living space more stylish, just like The Frame TV. That's why Samsung recommends pairing the 2 devices together.

The Lifestyle Soundbar comes with a Subwoofer and the remote in the box. It is available in the color White and is priced at PHP 29,999.

Watch: Samsung's new Lifestyle Soundbar for The Frame and other TVs is sleek and powerful!

Our thoughts

The Frame paired with the Lifestyle Soundbar offers a super slim and sleek TV and soundbar design that would be the perfect minimalist centerpiece for any living room.

We highly recommend this combination for people who want a functional yet stylish entertainment center for a small to medium-sized living space.

Aside from the hardware, it delivers a smooth and user-friendly experience that makes it perfect for non-techy family members. While offering advanced features that the techies will love.

When watching content on Netflix, I always found myself noticing how vibrant the colors are, especially when in filmmaker mode. I enjoyed the crisp details in 4K resolution and If I was in the market for a TV, I would highly consider a Samsung QLED. 

As for the sound, The Frame TV performs great on its own, but we always recommend getting a Soundbar for your TV. The Lifestyle Soundbar may be tiny, but its powerful 3.1.2 channel output with Dolby Atmos packs a punch. And with Q-Symphony, really adds to the immersion of a larger sound stage and sound directionality.

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