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Spotify now has iOS 16 lock screen widget

In its latest version, Spotify has added an iOS 16 widget that Apple users can add to their lock screen.
Spotify iOS 16 lock screen now available
Apple users can now add a Spotify widget on their lock screen!

Easily access Spotify via the lock screen

Spotify lock screen
Spotify lock screen

In its 8.8.26 version, Spotify has included a new lock screen widget that will make it easier for Apple users to access the app with a tap.

To add the Spotify widget, the process is just the same as adding any other widget on the lock screen:

  1. Long press the lock screen until your existing wallpapers appear.
  2. Tap "Customize," then "Lock Screen."
  3. Tap the widgets area below where the time appears.
  4. Scroll through the widgets available, then select Spotify.

While this is a new feature, Spotify may be a little late for it since the latest iOS was released in September 2022, The Verge noted.

However, it was the first to come out with the widget than Apple's own music app, it added.

Have you added the Spotify widget on your lock screen? What do you think about this?

Via: The Verge

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